What is Fashion Psychology

Hello all, I realised I launched this blog without first explaining what Fashion Psychology even is. So let me provide you with some brief information to help you contextualise my current and future posts. What even is Fashion Psychology? Currently there is not a single agreed upon definition of Fashion Psychology, the governing body that … Continue reading What is Fashion Psychology

Enclothed Cognition in times of pandemic

Fashion trends are the least of our concerns right now, with much of the world still in lockdown and most of us opting for anything that is comfy, relatively clean and stretches over our slightly expanded snack-loving physiques. Personally, I now live in joggers and a raft of slogan tees. Most of us are unable … Continue reading Enclothed Cognition in times of pandemic

Judging Humans By Their Covers

@midtownuniform A quick online search for the Patagonia vest soon throws up the sort of thing it now seems Patagonia do not want to be associated with; tech and finance bros. The vest has become so synonymous with Silicone Valley tech types that it is now referred to as the midtown uniform, with a thousand … Continue reading Judging Humans By Their Covers

The importance of touch: Amazon’s VR mirror

    So, I wrote a little something a couple of weeks back for the brilliant multi-disciplinary platform Mind Fashion (check them out). They, or rather we are a community of design, technology, fashion, art, science and psychology professionals to name but a few who have come together to broaden and diversify the conversation around … Continue reading The importance of touch: Amazon’s VR mirror

Deliberate Dressing

  “If one is to consider the frivolity of clothes, then consider we live our lives…in clothes” Keenan, 2001     Who remembers those little paper dolls with the tab clothes? They would come in a book and you would cut or pop them out and fold the little paper tabs over their shoulders and … Continue reading Deliberate Dressing

Pre Fashion Week Thinking: Fashion and Psychoanalysis

With London Fashion Week (LFW) less than a fortnight away, we’re all excited to see what treats lay in store, presented to us in metaphorical bows of silk, chiffon and lace from our favourite design houses and high street brands. Increasingly people are stopping to consider the psychology of fashion e.g. what it says of … Continue reading Pre Fashion Week Thinking: Fashion and Psychoanalysis

The Importance of Sartorial Armour

Last Monday I had the privilege of speaking at The Dragon Café's  Mental Fight Club, as part of their Festival of Freud. I'll be honest, when I was first approached at the Fashion and Psychoanalysis conference last month, I did not see it as a privilege; a great opportunity yes, but I hadn't considered what … Continue reading The Importance of Sartorial Armour